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Double Take: Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker

Normally, we don’t update on weekends. However, the death of pop icon Michael Jackson, moves us to offer up something in tribute. Jackson was a man who was closely tied to Sega for a decade, from his initial Moonwalker title to the rumors surrounding his involvement in Sonic 3 and his later appearances in both Space Channel 5 games and Ready to Rumble. His link with Sega is now forever broken, but Genesis fans still have the great Moonwalker to cherish and play.

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Sega Legends: Michael Jackson and Sonic 3

For years there have been persistent rumors that Michael Jackson composed the music to Sonic The Hedgehog 3 but was fired when his child molestation scandal became public news. Over time, many people have gathered what they believe to be conclusive evidence that the King of Pop was indeed working for Sega, and they even suggest that he used the music that was rejected in compositions for his later albums.

Now, after a year of research and communications with almost a half dozen people from Sega of America management as well as those who were directly involved with the game, Sega-16 has compiled all the available evidence from both sides – those who think MJ was hired and those who don’t – and we’ve come up with what seems to be the most probable scenario.

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Side by Side: Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker (Genesis vs. Arcade)

Despite what you may think about Michael Jackson now, his musical talent is something that has remained consistent throughout the years. At the height of his fame, he was all over the place, including the movies, with the self-indulgent dance fantasy Moonwalker. Jackson himself is credited with the game concept and design of the video game versions of the movie, which were released for several consoles and in arcades. In our latest installment of Side by Side, we take a look at the Genesis and coin-op versions and see which comes out on top. Read the full article and try not to “woo!” too loudly.

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Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker

Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker stands as an unforgettable conformation of both the King of Pop’s weirdness and coolness. Unfortunately, it also serves as a reminder that stripped down arcade ports leave a sour taste in the mouth and that attempting to rectify the limitations of the console you’re porting down to is a bad move.