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Genesis Reviews

Revolution X

They say music is the weapon, and if that’s true, then Revolution X is a nuclear bomb. Dull, repetitive gameplay with some of the worst renditions of popular music you’ll hear on cartridge is rounded out by a total lack of light gun compatibility. That’s right friends, Revolution X is a shooting game that doesn’t use any of the Genesis light guns. Still feeling crazy? Think you’re livin’ on the edge? Well, that’s amazin’! Head on over to the other side then, and read our full review for all the crazy details, and hurry before I die from this hole in my soul (or before I squeeze in more Aerosmith song references).

Genesis Reviews

Jerry Glanville’s Pigskin Footbrawl

Look at how fast November has come and gone. The month God made for football is over, but we can’t let go without one last look at the sport. Our latest review gives us a sort of another interpretation, and it comes in the form of a Genesis port of the Bally/Midway arcade hit Pigskin 621 A.D. The home version got a name change due to a questionable endorsement by NFL coach Jerry Glanville. Forget the refs and the rules friends; this one is all about bringing the pain

Genesis Reviews

NBA Hangtime

Time to put on the shoes and BOOM SHAKA-LAKA your way to victory on the court! Wait, this isn’t NBA Jam? Ah, well NBA Hangtime is so close to the Midway classic that you’d be hard pressed to know the difference. The developers (not the same as Jam’s) tried to make their game stand out a bit from such a long shadow, but the effort was mostly hit-and-miss.

Sega CD Reviews

NBA Jam (CD)

Want to cap off your Labor Day weekend the right way? Then why not read our full review of the Sega CD hit NBA Jam? It’s got all the B-ball action you’ll need, and if you have a few friends with you, this one’s going to provide you with hours of fun. Chances are that you already own at least one version of this classic, but we wouldn’t be happy if we didn’t just review them all!