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Sounds of Sega: Turbo OutRun (Arcade)

Following up a soundtrack as timeless as OutRun’s was a difficult proposition, but 1989’s Turbo OutRun made an excellent try at it. Its selection of fast-paced themes echoed the new racing style that still leaves fans of the series divided today. Despite the controversy surrounding the changes to the gameplay, this was a great score that deserves some attention.

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OutRun (Master System)

Sega’s classic racer zoomed onto the Master System in 1987 in a port that managed to capture the magic of the arcade original, despite the downgrade in hardware. Though outclassed by its Genesis and Saturn siblings, the 8-bit version of the game is still well worth playing, and it shows how well Sega’s arcade titles could transfer to the Master System.

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Sega Stars: Hiroshi Kawaguchi

For more than three decades, Hiroshi Kawaguchi has been the creative force behind many of Sega’s most beloved soundtracks. He has written music for all sorts of games, including classics like OutRun, Space Harrier, and After Burner; and he has played many of them live. Join us as we celebrate one of the greatest game composers of all time!