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R.B.I. Baseball 4

Just because the World Series has ended doesn’t mean fans have to move on to another sport. The Genesis offers tons of baseball games from which to choose, and among them is Tengen’s R.B.I. series. The fourth edition improves upon its predecessors in many ways, but it still has some major flaws. Is it worth playing? Read on and see!

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R.B.I. Baseball ’95

Tomorrow’s MLB all-star game looks to be a great one, so why not level off all that positive energy with a really poor baseball title? Time Warner Interactive’s R.B.I. Baseball ’95 for the 32X took zero advantage of the hardware, much like other titles on the add-on, and it was even outclassed by offerings on the stock Genesis that year, such as Sega’s own stellar World Series Baseball ’95. Check out our full review for the sorry details, and trust us, it’ll make watching tomorrow’s game THAT much better.

Genesis Reviews

R.B.I. Baseball ’94

Put down those war shooters and spend some time doing that other great American tradition: baseball! The Genesis is home to many different franchises, and some don’t get the recognition they deserve. R.B.I. Baseball ’94 is a good example of this, and this installment has enough tweaks and improvements to place it among the best baseball games on the Genesis.

Genesis Reviews

R.B.I. Baseball 3

Let’s all celebrate our national pastime with a full review of R.B.I. Baseball 3! Then again, after spending time with it, you might actually have more fun watching reruns of old games on ESPN Classic. Still, think of the alternative: going outside and actually playing baseball. And who would want to do that when there’s a Genesis in the house?

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R.B.I. Baseball Grand Slam

Baseball season has come and gone, and while Phillies fans are still celebrating, everyone else is looking forward to next year. In the meantime, why not keep yourself occupied with one of the many baseball games on the Genesis? Tengen was a big supporter of the genre, offering several installments of its renowned R.B.I. Baseball series for 16-bit gamers, and we’ve laid them out for you in one handy little article. Read up on the whole series in R.B.I. Baseball: 16-Bit Grand Slam and see which is the game for you.