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Game Gear Reviews

Sonic Drift

Long before he was racing against all-stars on modern consoles, Sonic was burning rubber and drifting around tracks on the Game Gear. The first Sonic Drift game only saw a release in Japan, but it’s worth tracking down and adding to your library, despite its limited roster and track count.

Saturn Reviews

Daytona USA

Roooolling Staaaaaaaaart! The Saturn’s debut racer suffered from a short draw-in distance and some rough graphics, but it played wonderfully and kept those who bought the console at launch glued to their seats for weeks. Even today, if you can get past the visuals, the game is great fun to play. Let’s go away and fly sky high with Daytona!

Saturn Reviews

Sega Rally Championship

Sega wowed Saturn owners with a stellar rendition of its arcade monster, Sega Rally. Boasting impressive visuals, excellent gameplay, and an incredible soundtrack, it was enough to keep owners glued to their consoles for hours at a time. Coupled with the Arcade Racer wheel, Sega Rally is the perfect Saturn racing game.

Dreamcast Reviews

Crazy Taxi

Let’s get crazy! Sega’s Crazy Taxi exploded onto the arcade scene in 1999, and a stellar conversion hit the Dreamcast the next year. With new options and modes, as well as all the punk rock-filled action of the original, this port was one many spent days at a time playing. No Dreamcast owner should be without it.