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Newman/Haas Indy Car Featuring Nigel Mansell

Simulation racing has its fans, but it doesn’t seem like too much fun to watch for someone who’s not really into the sport. You can imagine then, how a game based on IndyCar racing might fare with all but the most diehard fans. Sega’s Super Monaco GP series was an excellent attempt at making the genre more mainstream, and Acclaim shot back with its take on the IndyCar scene with Newman-Haas IndyCar Racing. Did it land in the winner’s circle, or was it disqualified?

Sega CD Reviews

Racing Aces

Sometimes, a developer’s creation is too ambitious for the hardware for which it’s created. The result is usually game full of lost potential, and players almost always sum things up with a collective “this could have so much more on better hardware.” Sega’s Racing Aces falls into that category. A game with lots of good ideas, it fell victim to a release on hardware too under-powered to fill its potential. The game is still playable, but one never ceases to wonder of what could have been.