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Genesis Reviews

Micro Machines

Who doesn’t like Micro Machines? Simple, yet incredibly addictive, Codemasters beloved series reached legendary heights with the introduction of the ingenius J-Cart, which allowed up to four people to enjoy the fun. While not as ambitious as those later installments, the original game still holds its own against the competition and is more than worth the purchase price.

Genesis Reviews

Virtua Racing

When it was first released in 1994, Virtua Racing wowed gamers with its incredible use of polygons and its $100 price tag. The exorbitant cost (the highest for the time) was due to it being the one and only game to ever make use of the powerful Sega Virtual Processor, or SVP chip. Until the 32X got a port a year later, this was the only way to play the arcade hit at home, and it was darn close to having a real Model 1 arcade board. It may be outdated now, but Virtua Racing’s place in Genesis history is assured.

Genesis Reviews

Micro Machines Turbo Tournament ‘96

Those who grew up in the early ’90s remember the Micro Machines well. The darn things had toys for just about every vehicle ever made. They had a few games too, and Turbo Tournament ’96 ranks among the best. So many options, so much fun! Our complete write up tells all about this great little racer that you probably overlooked, so check it out and see what you’ve been missing!