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Genesis Reviews

Ys III: Wanderers from Ys

When Wanderers from Ys was first released on the Turbo Grafx-16 CD-ROM, fans were taken aback by the change in gameplay style. Why had Falcom messed with the formula? Why make it a side-scroller? Needless to say, many gamers turned their back on the game, and it remains something of the black sheep of the franchise to this day. Even with later ports to both the Genesis and SNES (as well as the MSX and even the NES), it still gets no respect. The irony is that Ys III is actually a competent little action/RPG that deserves to be played.

Genesis Reviews

Earnest Evans

There’s a right way to do an adventure game, and there’s Earnest Evans. So much potential wasted…While not a truly bad game, there was enough wrong to make you wonder what had happened. It was the type of game you really wanted to like but never matched the original (which wasn’t a triple A title to begin with).

Sega CD Reviews

Road Avenger

Genre: FMV Developer: Wolfteam Publisher: Renovation Players: 1 Released: 1992 Sometimes, I’m amazed at all the hate the Sega CD FMV games get. All too often, people lump the good ones in with the bad, and take a large dump on the whole lot. No, there is no love for this genre, no matter who you ask. This is obviously […]

Genesis Reviews

Arcus Odyssey

Renovation’s isometric action/RPG is one game that really shines when played with a friend. It features great combat and exploration, and the quest is a challenging one. This is one title you’ll definitely want to spend an afternoon with.