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Sega Gear: Hamy HG-806 Genesis Clone

Looking for a portable Genesis so you can take your cartridges on the go, but find the Nomad a bit too pricey? Well, there are other options out there! We take a look at a relatively new one, the Hamy HG-806, and put it through its paces. It performs surprisingly well for non-Sega-made hardware, so read on and see if this one fits your needs.


Sega Gear: Krikzz Everdrive Cart

For homebrewers and gamers of all types, the Genesis has its fair share of flash carts. Recently, a new challenger has stepped into the ring to compete against the might Mega Cart and MD-Pro. Krikzz’s Everdrive is a neat little piece of hardware that offers a large storage size and modern transfer methods, and it’s not that expensive to boot!