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Dreamcast Reviews


Warp’s long-anticipated sequel to its 32-bit horror game D finally arrived on the Dreamcast in 2000, and it didn’t live up to fans’ expectations. Its gameplay was slow and tedious, the plot was downright weird, and the story progression was often frustrating. Still, there was something about it that made players forge on to uncover the mystery behind Laura’s final adventure.

Genesis Reviews

NBA Action ’94

Sega gave EA Sports a run for its money with a line of quality titles that covered all types of sports. One of its strongest series during the 16-bit era was NBA Action. Real teams and players and solid gameplay made up for the weak graphics, and the game is worth playing for fans of B-ball action, particularly the multi-player mode.

Game Gear Reviews

Surf Ninjas

Developed in tandem with the movie, the Game Gear Surf Ninjas game is recognized for being the first tie-in release completed before its license. That’s about all it has going for it though, as stiff and repetitive gameplay and bland design bring it down almost the level of the movie.