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Visual Concepts took its ground-breaking NBA 2K game and retooled it for the following season, adding online play and a new Street Mode. The result was the finest basketball game available at the time, and a contender seemingly able to take on anything EA or other publishers had to offer.

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NBA Action ’94

Sega gave EA Sports a run for its money with a line of quality titles that covered all types of sports. One of its strongest series during the 16-bit era was NBA Action. Real teams and players and solid gameplay made up for the weak graphics, and the game is worth playing for fans of B-ball action, particularly the multi-player mode.

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ATP Tour Championship Tennis

As the Sega Sports brand moved forward, it continued to improve on existing titles in different sports, such as tennis. The second offering from Sega is a definite step up over the original Wimbledon, but it still doesn’t quite obtain the heights most fans were expecting this late in the console cycle.

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History of: Sega Sports

For more than a decade, Sega went toe-to-toe with the biggest sports publisher of all time. Such success wasn’t instant but the culmination of years of refinement and planning. We’ve spoken to more than a dozen former Sega Sports alumni to get the full story, so join us as we take a look at the Sega Sports brand, which boosted the Genesis and took on the mighty EA.

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NFL ’94 Starring Joe Montana

Perhaps the biggest threat to Madden, Sega’s NFL series offered a great alternative for gridiron gladiators to get their digital fix. The series is considered by many to have peaked with the 1994 installment, which blended the famous Sports Talk feature with solid visuals and gameplay that required a better knowledge of play-calling than most football titles.