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Master System Reviews


Sega’s seminal ninja series sparked an arcade phenomenon and a franchise that’s lasted several console generations. The Master System was the first of the House of Sonic’s machines to get an installment, and it made Segaphiles very happy indeed. Check out our hands-on of the 8-bit port and see why Musashi is the master of stealth.

Double Take, Features

Double Take: Revenge of Shinobi

Today we kick off a new feature series! Double Take gives readers a chance to take a second look at those special titles that made a major impact. Instead of the standard review fare, the series seeks to offer a better look at the overall experience a particular game offers. We start things off with that first of great Genesis action/platformers: The Revenge of Shinobi. Sega really got the 16-bit ball rolling.

Genesis Reviews

Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi

Everyone likes Ninjas; it’s a fact that not even the 1980s could erase. Genesis owners got treated to a ninja trilogy rivaled only by perhaps Tecmo’s Ryu Hayabusa on the NES. The second game in Sega’s famous series, Shadow Dancer, was altered from its arcade release but still played and looked great on our beloved 16-bit box.