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Genesis Reviews


Though Accolade’s attempt a a space sim falls short, there’s enough done right to still make it worth some time. Slow and repetitive gameplay are likely to turn off gamers expecting a Genesis equivalent of TIE Fighter. However, those willing to stick to it for a while might find a title that’s playable and enjoyable, despite some major shortcomings.

Sega CD Reviews

Wing Commander

The PC classic Wing Commander made its way to the Sega CD in 1994, and there was some compromises that had to be made in order for Origin Systems to squeeze the game onto Sega’s add-on. It mostly made the transition intact, and it picked up some great audio along the way as well.

Genesis Reviews

688 Attack Sub

During the early days of the Genesis, Sega quietly released ports of two Electronic Arts PC simulations, M-1 Abrams Battle Tank and 688 Attack Sub. It was an attempt to diversify the console’s library, and it was successful, to some extent. The Genesis was able to reproduce faithful versions of the pair, which had been released on much more powerful computers, but there were still some issue to be had.