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Star Wars

The Star Wars saga explodes onto the Game Gear! Combining platforming action with vehicle stages, the game offers a decent reproduction of the movie. It’s not a perfect game, but the good seems to outweigh the bad, making it a decent addition to any Game Gear owner’s library.

Sega CD Reviews

Software Toolworks Star Wars Chess

While SNES owners were amazed by Super Star Wars and its excellent sequels, Sega CD owners struggled to view the grainy video in Rebel Assault and shook their heads in puzzled silence at Software Toolworks Star Wars Chess. Sure, it seems like a cool idea, until you see the laughable cut scenes and experience the long loading times and occasional game-breaking glitches. Suddenly, Star Wars Arcade on 32X doesn’t look so bad.

Double Take, Features

Double Take: Star Wars Arcade

Arriving shortly after Rebel Assault and Star Wars Chess (both for the Sega CD), Star Wars Arcade was a 32X release, and it arrived half a decade after the Genesis debuted. Considering the how strong with the Force the SNES was, one has to question why Lucasarts would snub Genesis owners. Bunch of nerf herders! Still, SWA wasn’t bad, just hard as nails. We’ve taken another look at the game in our latest installment of Double Take, and we’ve even brought some screen shots of the ending, something most people will probably never see from actually playing the game.

Sega CD Reviews

Star Wars: Rebel Assault

Star Wars fans rejoiced when LucasArts released Rebel Assault for PC CD-ROM in 1993. It featured the first new footage filmed since Return of the Jedi, a decade before, and it was the game everyone seemingly had been waiting for. Eventually ported to Mac and the 3DO, the game eventually made its way to the Sega CD. Since Rebel Assault was a game that pushed PCs of the time to the limit, you can imagine how the port turned out.

Sega 32X Reviews

Star Wars Arcade

Christmas 1994 saw the release of a game that many anticipated, but relatively few bought. The irony was that sales were hampered not by the game itself, but by the hardware it was on. Though many people wanted to play Star Wars Arcade on the 32X, few were willing to shell out the cash for the add-on. Sales were decent enough initially, but it was a sign of things to come. Did gamers miss out on something special? Should they have taken the plunge just to play this arcade port? Why not read our full review and find out?