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Hands-On: Streets of Rage 4

Fans have waited almost two decades for a new Streets of Rage, and it’s finally here. Lizardcube, Dotemu, and Guard Crush Games have delivered a solid addition to the series that will satisfy longtime players and attract newcomers. Regardless of the platform you choose, it’s time once again to rage in the streets!

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Streets of Rage (Game Gear)

Streets of Rage on the Genesis is considered a classic. Unfortunately, It’s portable cousin wasn’t able to convey the rage quite as well, and it comes off more as “Alley of the Mildly Annoyed.” While it’s not a terrible game, it lacks the polish of the 16-bit original, and the experience suffers overall. Still, it’s worth playing for the Yuzo Koshiro music alone!

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Hacks & Homebrews: Streets of Rage Remake

fter so many years of waiting in vain for Sega to get off its keister and give us some more Streets of Rage, some of the more dedicated fans over at Bombergames have taken matters into their own hands. This week they released Streets of Rage Remake, a new vision of the series that includes moves, characters, bosses, and levels from all three games (with enhanced visuals and remixed music) as well as new enemies, weapons, vehicles and areas! It’s everything a fan of Sega’s famous beat-’em-ups could ever want, and we have a full article on this incredible release in the latest installment of Hacks & Homebrews. Miss it not!