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Saturn Reviews

Virtual Hydlide

The U.S. Saturn suffered early on due to a lack of RPGs, and one of the first released was Virtual Hydlide. The game was a noble attempt at bringing a 3D environment to the genre, but it sacrificed everything the Hydlide series had built up over the years. The result was an adventure better left to rot in a dungeon.

Genesis Reviews

New 3D Golf Simulation: Waialae no Kiseki

Still looking for another golf title to try out? Tired of the PGA series and any of the multitude of golf games on the Genesis? Here’s one you probably haven’t tried. Be wary though. It hasn’t aged well visually, and the language barrier may push you away. Still, it’s interesting to find that there are still genres offering new experiences to Western Genesis players, even sports like golf.

Genesis Reviews

New 3D Golf Simulation: Devil’s Course

There are a ton of golf games on the Genesis. Some are true simulations, and others try to spice things up with a bit of fantasy or putt-putt mechanics. T&E Soft made such an attempt with Devil’s Course, which has some of the more outlandish and imaginative courses on the Genesis. Unfortunately, this import-only title suffers intensely from the pains of 16-bit 3D mechanics.

Genesis Reviews

Pebble Beach Golf Links

Sega has made a lot of quality sports games over the years. One genre where its efforts have been largely under-appreciated has been golf. The Genesis is chock loaded with golf games, and some of the best came from Sega itself. Case in point: Pebble Beach Golf Links, a 16-meg, four-player monster that’s as easy to play as it is appealing to look at.