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McDonald’s Treasure Land Adventure

Aside from the obvious clown character, I’m still wondering what the tie-to McDonald’s is here. It’s strange to see the fast food chain have its license used without any references incorporated into the game, and I suppose that it was just as enamored of Treasure’s magic as everyone else was. You have to admit, the two are an incredible way to sucker gamers into what’s essentially a run-of-the-mill platformer with an all too-happy protagonist.

Genesis Reviews

Light Crusader

It’s funny how the debate still rages regarding Light Crusader. Many think it was a prime example of Treasure dropping the ball and consider it a exhibit A when presenting their theories about why the developer is overrated. Others think of it as a mere hiccup in an otherwise steady stream of quality releases by one of the most dependable developers in gaming. Then there are others who simply look at it for what it is: a decent action/RPG. Where do we stand? Read our full write up and see!

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Hands-On: Gunstar Heroes Treasure Box (PlayStation 2)

Genesis fans have a special place in their hearts for Treasure. They’ve given us some great games, like the classic Gunstar Heroes, as well as some gems that were never brought to America (Alien Soldier, for example). Stubborn as a mule, they still won’t bring it our way even after a decade! Lucky for us, we can import Gunstar Heroes Treasure Box for the Japanese Playstation 2. Volume 25 of the Sega Ages 2500 series.

Genesis Reviews

Dynamite Headdy

Treasure continued its streak of quality titles on the Genesis with Dynamite Headdy, a quirky platformer that had players tossing their character’s head around at enemies. Sounds a bit like Decap Attack, doesn’t it? Trust us friend, you couldn’t be more wrong. Read the review and then find yourself a copy. You can thank us later.