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MLBPA Baseball

To celebrate America’s national pastime, we’ve got a full review of EA’s MLBPA Baseball for the Genesis. In a sea of competition, how does it hold up to its rivals, including Sega’s own stellar World Series Baseball? Well, you’ll just have to read the review and see! Remember to leave your steroids at the door!

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Shopping for Genesis on Craig’s List

With all the retro gaming madness that has gripped people over the last few years, it’s becoming increasingly harder for gamers to fill out the holes in their collections without being gouged by store owners looking to land eBay prices. Aside from flea markets and thrift stores, one viable option is the ever-growing Craig’s List, which allows people to meet up with others in their area to buy and sell items. Like any other avenue for transactions, it’s open to its share of horror stories, but if used right, you can actually land a good number of games without having to pay for shipping. Staff writer David Childers has compiled a handy guide for using Craig’s list, so read the full article and get ready to go looking for that holy grail!

Saturn Reviews

Sonic Jam

Sonic is making waves again, and 2008 might just be the year when Sega finally gets the old formula right. It’s been almost ten years since the famous hedgehog made the jump to the third dimension permanently, and it’s been a shaky road to this day. It wasn’t his first foray into 3D though, as two years before Sonic Adventure was released gamers were treated to a taste of what was to come with the Sonic World mode of Sonic Jam for the Sega Saturn. A compilation of all his 16-bit outings (sans Sonic 3D Blast), the game also boasted a fully 3D world that could be explored. It was mostly just a cool way to travel between different game options, but it set the precedent for Sonic’s evolution.

Genesis Reviews

College Slam

What better way than to compliment NBA Jam than with a college entry into the series? Proof that it might indeed have been the shoes, College Slam did everything its professional big brother did, and it showed that there was enough BOOM SHAKA LAKA left in the franchise to go around. We have a full review of it, so you better just go and read it before I whip out another NBA Jam reference……FROM DOWNTOWN!!