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SG-1000 Reviews


Compile defied hardware limitations to bless the SG-1000 with a great shooter. Gulkave has variety, presentation, and a robust power-up system to keep players engaged over its 30 stages. If you’re looking for a new shooter for Sega’s first console, look no further.

Master System Reviews

Rambo: First Blood Part II

Rambo II was the Master System’s first big-name, two-player run-‘n-gun, and it was a pretty fun romp while it lasted. Varied environments and lots of enemies helped make up for the game’s relatively slow pace, and the soundtrack is highly underrated. This is one gem that Master System owners should give a try.

Master System Reviews

My Hero

A year after its 1985 arcade debut, Sega released a home port of its beat-’em-up My Hero on the Master System. The home version kept things mostly intact, but there really wasn’t that much to preserve. Thin on gameplay and presentation, My Hero fit on a Sega card and probably left a ton of memory to spare.

Master System Reviews

World Grand Prix

Most people tend to think of Hang-On and OutRun when they consider racing games on the Master System. Those are definitely two of the best, but there were others worth checking out. One of them is World Grand Prix. It’s not a genre-defining title, but it’s decent and worth some playtime, despite some flaws.