Tag: 1994

Game Gear Reviews

Ecco: The Tides of Time (Game Gear)

Sega’s star dolphin made the rounds on the Genesis and Sega CD, and those games came to the Game Gear as well. The second of them, Tides of Time, isn’t a bad game at all, but it seems to lack that special something one would expect at this stage of the series. It’s worth taking a dip in this sea and checking out Ecco’s quest, just don’t expect a major experience.

Genesis Reviews

SeaQuest DSV

THQ’s SeaQuest game tried to capture all the action of the show, and despite some neat visuals and deep gameplay, it kind of sailed under the radar (much like the show itself). The game is not bad at all, and those looking for a new action/strategy game to play might want to find a copy.

Genesis Reviews

Power Drive

Rally racing is an underrepresented sub-genre on most consoles, but many people are surprised to know that there are rally games on the Genesis. Power Drive is one of the better examples, presenting a solid package of visuals and gameplay. Fans would do well to give this European import title a try.