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Genesis Reviews

New 3D Golf Simulation: Waialae no Kiseki

Still looking for another golf title to try out? Tired of the PGA series and any of the multitude of golf games on the Genesis? Here’s one you probably haven’t tried. Be wary though. It hasn’t aged well visually, and the language barrier may push you away. Still, it’s interesting to find that there are still genres offering new experiences to Western Genesis players, even sports like golf.

Sega CD Reviews

Shin Megami Tensei

The Sega CD has a great selection of RPGs, but most were sadly left in Japan. Those willing to brave the language barrier should consider playing Shin Megami Tensei, an installment in the long-running and popular series that was never brought to the West. It’s a great upgrade over the Super Famicom version, and there are FAQs online to help with the plot!