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Sega CD Reviews

Burning Fists

Sometimes, games get canceled for a reason, and Burning Fists is a prime example. Even finished, it would have been a less than mediocre fighter, but in its semi-beta state, its almost too poor to warrant playing. Unless you just have to have every Sega CD game and don’t mind playing what is essentially a late beta, stay away!

Genesis Reviews

Death Duel

Long before there was Mortal Kombat, Razorsoft had the violent game market cornered on the Genesis. Death Duel is among the games it released that somehow made it past censors, and while it’s never horrific in its gore, there certainly is a lot of blood to go around. And it’s fun to boot!

Genesis Reviews

Slaughter Sport

Before Street Fighter II set the world on fire in 1991, there was Slaughter Sport. One of the weaker attempts at the genre, RazorSoft’s game almost had as many titles as it did characters, and it stunk equally under all of them. Poor presentation and stiff control come together to show just why Capcom revolutionized the genre later that same year.

Genesis Reviews

VR Troopers

Considered by most to be second-string Power Rangers, the V.R. Troopers took a back seat to Saban’s premier team of heroes in all areas, including video games. It’s not easy for a game to become a hit when the property it’s based on is struggling against a media juggernaut. It doesn’t help when the game stinks, either.

Genesis Reviews

World Heroes

World Heroes was another of the seemingly endless stream of fighters that came to the Neo Geo during the ’90s. Of course, a port to the Genesis meant that some graphical and aural sacrifices had to be made, but did the gameplay make the transition intact? Read our full review and find out!