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Genesis Reviews

Primal Rage

Normally, it would seem that nothing could top dinosaurs and other massive beasts fighting each other to the death. Heck, it’s what made all those Godzilla movies so great! Time Warner attempted to capitalize on this success with Primal Rage, but the results were less than satisfying. Clumsy gameplay and difficult control left it far short of the animalistic Street Fighter many gamers were hoping for.

Genesis Reviews

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

Genre: Fighting Developer: Virgin Interactive Publisher: Acclaim Players: 1-2 Released: 1994 Bruce Lee. The name alone probably already caught your attention. The man was a legend, a cultural icon. He made eastern martial arts popular in the western hemisphere, and his uncanny abilities as both a fighter (he later went on to create his own fighting style) and an actor […]

Genesis Reviews

Fatal Fury

SNK’s games have been ported widely, with the Genesis getting its fair share via Takara. Along with such hits as Samurai Shodown and Art of Fighting, the original Neo Geo fighting series, Fatal Fury, brawled its way onto 16-bit platforms. During the journey to Sega’s black box a few things were lost, and the first title in the series came away as a gimped port compared to rivals Street Fighter II SCE and Mortal Kombat. Is it still worth playing?

Genesis Reviews

King of the Monsters 2

Takara made sure that all those gamers who didn’t have $500 to pony up for a Neo Geo AES system weren’t left without playing all the cool games that made the console so attractive. Genesis owners got a ton of ports, and while some weren’t up to par with the arcade originals, most were pretty competent. King of the Monsters 2 was one conversion that took a different route than its coin-op sibling, and the result was a game that was quite fun to play.

Sega CD Reviews

Samurai Shodown (CD)

IPPON! SNK’s Samurai Shodown sliced and diced its way onto just about every console imaginable, and many gamers expected the Sega CD version to be the best one. Sadly, this wasn’t the case. Long load times, a missing character, and an unforgivable bug hamper what is otherwise an excellent port.