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Genesis Reviews

Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball

Baseball season may be over, but there are plenty of options for Genesis gamers to choose from so they can continue their quest for the pennant. ’90s baseball icon Frank Thomas lent his name to a title that was actually a pretty good version of the sport. Couch sluggers and managers should definitely give it a try.

Genesis Reviews

Pirates of Dark Water

Like pirate? Who doesn’t? Back before Orlando Bloom an Johnny Depp made them super popular again, there was a moderately popular cartoon show based on a trio of pirates who had adventures in another land (planet?). From 1991 to 1993, The Pirates of Darkwater sought to reboot the genre, and while it wasn’t entirely successful, it did spawn a pretty decent action game with RPG elements.

Genesis Reviews

College Slam

What better way than to compliment NBA Jam than with a college entry into the series? Proof that it might indeed have been the shoes, College Slam did everything its professional big brother did, and it showed that there was enough BOOM SHAKA LAKA left in the franchise to go around. We have a full review of it, so you better just go and read it before I whip out another NBA Jam reference……FROM DOWNTOWN!!

Sega 32X Reviews

NBA Jam Tournament Edition (32X)

The 32X got little love during its short and painful life, and if it received a port, then you knew it was officially ported to every console under the Sun at the time. NBA Jam Tournament Edition was a game that saw the rounds on machines of all types and power, from the Genesis to the Jaguar. We have a full review of the 32X version for you, so take a gander at the only B-ball game available for your little mushroom.