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Genesis Reviews

Twinkle Tale

One of the best Mega Drive titles that stayed in Japan, Twinkle Tale was chock full of blazing action and dazzling visuals. It may not be the best in its class (a recent fan translation and upgrade improves the experience), and it’s damn expensive, but it’s definitely a great way to spend an afternoon.

Saturn Reviews

Deep Fear

Sega’s answer to Resident Evil puts more emphasis on action than survival horror, but it manages to mix things up enough to offer a fun undersea romp with some inspired monster designs. The voice acting is atrocious, but the gameplay is solid enough to give fans of the genre another quality title for their Saturns.

Game Gear Reviews

Sonic Drift

Long before he was racing against all-stars on modern consoles, Sonic was burning rubber and drifting around tracks on the Game Gear. The first Sonic Drift game only saw a release in Japan, but it’s worth tracking down and adding to your library, despite its limited roster and track count.

Sega CD Reviews

A-Rank Thunder Tanjouhen

The Mega CD has plenty of great games that never left Japan, and A-Rank Thunder Tanjouhen is one that fans of anime and visual novels should definitely try. The language barrier may be a problem, but the cool character designs and presentation make it worth the effort. We need a fan translation!