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Genesis Reviews

J. League Pro Striker Perfect

Soccer is a sport that’s loved worldwide, and the Genesis is far from lacking in games that let players digitally represent their homelands. Many games are light on options and depth, though, and J. League Pro Striker Perfect is a perfect example of that. The fact that this is the update of a previous game only makes us want to play FIFA or Sensible Soccer more.

Genesis Reviews

Gōketsuji Ichizoku (Power Instinct)

The fighting game craze of the early ’90s was huge, and not all the games made it overseas on all consoles. For instance, while SNES owners got to play Power Instinct, Sega Genesis fans were forced to import. Were they missing much, given the wealth of available options? Well, if you’re just looking for a new fighter to play around with, then this one might well be worth tracking down.

Sega CD Reviews

Heavy Nova (CD)

Before Genesis gamers had the chance to be disappointed by the plodding and frustrating gameplay of Heavy Nova, Micronet unleashed the game to Japanese Mega CD owners. As one would imagine, it was the same bad game embellished with a CD soundtrack, giving importers very little reason to trade up from their cartridge version. Heavy Nova is bad, no matter on what format it appears.

Genesis Reviews

New 3D Golf Simulation: Devil’s Course

There are a ton of golf games on the Genesis. Some are true simulations, and others try to spice things up with a bit of fantasy or putt-putt mechanics. T&E Soft made such an attempt with Devil’s Course, which has some of the more outlandish and imaginative courses on the Genesis. Unfortunately, this import-only title suffers intensely from the pains of 16-bit 3D mechanics.

Genesis Reviews

Vixen 357

One of the best strategy/RPGs you’ve never played, Vixen 357 is developed by the same people who brought us Langrisser, Gleylancer, and Target Earth. That’s some pedigree, and if you like your action with mechs, then Masaya has got you covered. The language barrier is a bit troublesome, but it’s definitely worth the effort. And that intro! Oh my!