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Lost World: Jurassic Park

The original Jurassic Park set the movie world on fire with its dramatic tale of living dinosaurs and science gone wrong. The game was hyped just as much, though reactions were (and still are) mixed. Of course, the inevitable sequel came, and Sega released a Genesis version soon after. Actually the third Jurassic Park game on the console, The Lost World was the final original domestic release for Sega’s 16-bit wonder until Majesco ported Frogger a year later. Our poor Genesis was indeed inherited by reptiles and amphibians!

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Interview: Brian Coburn (SOA Composer & Sound Designer)

Sega has had many in-house composers over the years, but it was definitely at its prime during the Genesis era with the Sega Multimedia Studio. A crack team of sound designers and musicians, the studio was privy to the most modern equipment available, and it was responsible for scoring many Sega CD titles, like Ecco the Dolphin. Sega-16 recently sat for a bit with Brian Coburn, one of the many talented people who worked at the Multimedia Studio. A veteran of the music industry, Corburn went to great lengths to capture the sounds he needed, even almost getting bitten by an alligator while working on Jurassic Park CD!

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Behind the Design: Jurassic Park

With a dedicated team of a dozen animators, artists, and designers, developer BlueSky Software set out to create a game that could match the hugely popular license it bore. For more than a year it toiled and sweated, until they were done, and what it produced went on to become a massive hit. So successful was the Genesis version of Jurassic Park that it spawned a franchise.

Genesis Reviews

Jurassic Park: Rampage Edition

You’d think that after everything he’s been through, after all his near-death experiences with dinosaurs, Dr. Alan Grant would stay as far the hell away from remote islands as possible. Apparently, he must has some deep, subconscious attraction to them, because he keeps going back for more. In Jurassic Park: Rampage Edition, the good doctor is actually trying to save the vicious reptiles from InGen thugs. The beloved raptor also makes a return, and with new graphics and equipment, it’s a whole new adventure in the most dangerous place on Earth.