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Genesis Reviews

NBA Action ’94

Sega gave EA Sports a run for its money with a line of quality titles that covered all types of sports. One of its strongest series during the 16-bit era was NBA Action. Real teams and players and solid gameplay made up for the weak graphics, and the game is worth playing for fans of B-ball action, particularly the multi-player mode.

Genesis Reviews

Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends

The popular kids show chugs its way onto the Genesis, and it’s definitely a title made specifically for its demographic. Adults might not find a lot to spend time with here, and honestly, their kids won’t find much to do after spending some time with it. Short and simple, Thomas just runs out of steam too quickly.

Genesis Reviews


Stallone has more than a couple of games on the Genesis, and they all range widely in quality, just like his movies. Some, like Rambo III, are quite good, and others initially seem horrible but warm up to you the more you play them. Cliffhanger fits neatly into the second category. It doesn’t really t make any effort to stand out among 16-bit beat-’em-ups, good or bad.

Genesis Reviews


The Genesis is home to lots of comic book games. There are plenty of Marvel titles and even a few DC. Also, there are some titles based on independently published comics, like The Tick, Dinosaurs for Hire, and Chakan: The Forever Man. Rubbing elbows with such company is Sega’s Ex-Mutants, based on the Eternity/Amazing/Pied Piper/Malibu series. An action/platformer with little to distinguish itself, it’s still worth spending some time with, provided that said time isn’t important at all and involves little cost.

Sega CD Reviews

Ultraverse Prime

The Sega CD seemed to peak in the beat-’em-up genre with the early release of Final Fight, since few games that followed, if any, equaled that level of quality. Sony Imagesoft, known for its dreadful line of licensed games (Mickey Mania was a fortunate hiccup), tried to fill the void with Ultraverse Prime, a game based on the Malibu Comics superhero. To say the game is underwhelming is a major understatement, and it comes off as a digital checklist of how to make a generic brawler. It did have an interesting theme song though…