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Genesis Reviews


The Bitmap Brothers were known on the Amiga for creating unique styles of game design that meshed original concepts with solid presentation and gameplay. Several of the company’s releases made the jump to the Genesis, including the action/platformer Gods. Was anything lost in translation? Read our full review to find out!

Genesis Reviews

Cal Ripken Jr. Baseball

If you’re looking for the boys of summer, keep walking friend, because they’re not in this dugout. Any player with self respect steers clear from this game, and you’ll probably find them playing World Series Baseball. Still interested? Then grab some Big League Chew and read our complete write up. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Sega CD Reviews

Software Toolworks Star Wars Chess

While SNES owners were amazed by Super Star Wars and its excellent sequels, Sega CD owners struggled to view the grainy video in Rebel Assault and shook their heads in puzzled silence at Software Toolworks Star Wars Chess. Sure, it seems like a cool idea, until you see the laughable cut scenes and experience the long loading times and occasional game-breaking glitches. Suddenly, Star Wars Arcade on 32X doesn’t look so bad.

Genesis Reviews

Super Battleship

Milton Bradley’s Battleship has been a family favorite since its introduction in 1943 (under a different name then), and several electronic version have made their way home over the last few decades. The company cashed in on the success of the 16-bit consoles by releasing a version for both the Genesis and the SNES, and while it wasn’t bad, it lacked the excitement that made the original board game so famous.