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Sega CD Reviews

NBA Jam (CD)

Want to cap off your Labor Day weekend the right way? Then why not read our full review of the Sega CD hit NBA Jam? It’s got all the B-ball action you’ll need, and if you have a few friends with you, this one’s going to provide you with hours of fun. Chances are that you already own at least one version of this classic, but we wouldn’t be happy if we didn’t just review them all!

Sega 32X Reviews

NBA Jam Tournament Edition (32X)

The 32X got little love during its short and painful life, and if it received a port, then you knew it was officially ported to every console under the Sun at the time. NBA Jam Tournament Edition was a game that saw the rounds on machines of all types and power, from the Genesis to the Jaguar. We have a full review of the 32X version for you, so take a gander at the only B-ball game available for your little mushroom.

Genesis Reviews


Boom shakalaka! The biggest of all arcade sports games comes to home consoles! Yes, just about every console short of the CD-I got a port of NBA Jam, so how does the Genesis versions fare? Why not check out our full report and see?