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Dreamcast Reviews

Cannon Spike

Despite its simple premise and short duration, Cannon Spike is a Dreamcast favorite. It combined frantic bullet action with large bosses to give players a quick burst of adrenaline. The high is a short one, but it’s definitely one worth pursuing, especially with a second player along.

Genesis Reviews

Twinkle Tale

One of the best Mega Drive titles that stayed in Japan, Twinkle Tale was chock full of blazing action and dazzling visuals. It may not be the best in its class (a recent fan translation and upgrade improves the experience), and it’s damn expensive, but it’s definitely a great way to spend an afternoon.

Master System Reviews

Rambo: First Blood Part II

Rambo II was the Master System’s first big-name, two-player run-‘n-gun, and it was a pretty fun romp while it lasted. Varied environments and lots of enemies helped make up for the game’s relatively slow pace, and the soundtrack is highly underrated. This is one gem that Master System owners should give a try.

Genesis Reviews


Ultracore is a good example of how games long-thought lost can somehow manage to overcome the odds and find their way into the eager hands of gamers. It only took around three decades, but Psygnosis’ run-‘n-gun is finally available. Was it worth the wait? Read our full review to find out!

Genesis Reviews

Xeno Crisis

Bitmap Bureau’s Xeno Crisis is an explosive, frenetic blast of a good time that shows just how much life is left in the ol’ Genesis. It combines a gorgeous aesthetic with some great two-player run-‘-n-gun action, producing a title that’s a model of crowd-funding done right.