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Master System Reviews

Master of Darkness

The classic Castlevania series was the envy of Master System owners everywhere for many years, until Master of Darkness was released in 1992. An excellent game that sported great presentation and gameplay, it never came to the U.S. on the console, but import versions are thankfully inexpensive. This is one to own!

Game Gear Reviews

Tails’ SkyPatrol

The Game Gear gave Sonic’s sidekick Tails a chance to shine, and he was featured in several different types of games. A Japanese exclusive, Tails’ SkyPatrol was a shooter that’s as short as it is colorful. It may not be a long ride, but what’s there is worth looking into.

Master System Reviews

Ninja Gaiden (Master System)

Sega fans had the Shinobi series, and there were always comparisons between it and Ninja Gaiden on the NES. While both are great, Sega fans actually got the better end of the deal. Ninja Gaiden made appearances on the PAL Master System and on the Game Gear. The MS version is as good as you’d expect and well worth tracking down.

Genesis Reviews

ATP Tour Championship Tennis

As the Sega Sports brand moved forward, it continued to improve on existing titles in different sports, such as tennis. The second offering from Sega is a definite step up over the original Wimbledon, but it still doesn’t quite obtain the heights most fans were expecting this late in the console cycle.

Genesis Reviews

Wimbledon Championship Tennis

A longtime publisher of sports titles, Sega ramped up its simulations to compete with the wares of Electronic Arts and other companies. The Sega Sports brand was born and covered the gamut of sports, from football to racing. Tennis was also in the line up, but while it had an official license, it was still a step down from the competition.