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Soccer fans who haven’t played Striker are missing out. It’s one of the better MD representations of the sport, but the fact that it only came out in Europe has probably kept many fans unaware of its existence. They should check it out, as its solid gameplay and great presentation are sure to thrill.

Master System Reviews

Champions of Europe

With the popularity of soccer in Europe, it’s not surprising that consoles there saw some releases that never made it to North America. Champions of Europe for the Master System is one example, and judging by the gameplay, perhaps it was better left on the other side of the pond. It’s not great, but it has nothing on excellent releases like Sensible Soccer.

Genesis Reviews

World Trophy Soccer

Still looking for another good soccer game beyond FIFA or Sensible Soccer? While you probably can’t get any better than those on the Genesis, there are still a few worth looking into. World Trophy Soccer can be fun for some time, provided you find it cheap. Otherwise, take your search elsewhere.