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Genesis Reviews

Fun ‘N’ Games

With mini games and both music and painting editors, Fun ‘N Games had potential to be a unique title on the Genesis. It fails to hit the mark, but there’s still enough here to keep the little ones entertained for a while. It’s diverse enough to be worth a look, and parents just might find themselves having fun making some music!

Game Gear Reviews

Battletoads (Game Gear)

The NES classic pummels its way onto the Game Gear, but it seems like this port is what took a beating. Playing far worse than the 8-bit and Genesis versions, Battletoads on the Game Gear is devoid of everything that made the series so much fun. Another example of what happens when a series is farmed out to a different developer.

Genesis Reviews

Pro Quarterback

There are great football games… and then there’s Pro Quarterback. Tradewest’s train wreck of a release tried to emulate the SNES’ Mode 7 scaling, despite the fact that the stock hardware didn’t support such a feature. The result was a choppy mess of a game that, along with the lack of real teams and players, ranks at the bottom of the list of play-worthy titles in the genre.

Genesis Reviews

Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls

Genre: Beat-‘Em-Up Developer: LeLand Interactive Media Publisher: Tradewest Players: 1-2 Released: 1994 What’s the best way to ruin one of the most legendary names in the beat-’em-up genre and effectively derail an entire series? Six words: Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls. Now, I had never played this game until a couple of months ago. When I was a kid […]

Genesis Reviews

Super Off Road

Like big trucks? Enjoy the thrill of massive machines slamming through mud and dirt in a frenzied competition to the finish line? Then look elsewhere, as Super Off-Road isn’t the game for you. The tiny sprites and repetitive gameplay may have worked well in arcades, where pumping quarters to continue was good for business, but on the Genesis they paled compared to the greatness of racing classics like Micro Machines and OutRun.