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It took the better part of an entire decade, but WaterMelon’s massive brawler Paprium has finally arrived. After so long and so many promises, does it live up to expectations? The answer is mixed, but it’s definitely a game that’s worth giving some playtime.

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Preview: Paprium

You’ve waited four long years, but WaterMelon’s next game is finally coming! Paprium could well be the best side-scrolling beat-’em-up ever made, and it’s set to take the Genesis to places no one thought it could go. WaterMelon has a pretty good track record for quality, and there’s no reason to doubt that it won’t deliver with this monster brawler.

Genesis Reviews

Pier Solar and the Great Architects

After a seemingly endless wait, WaterMelon’s Pier Solar was finally unleashed upon the Genesis community last December. The game sold like hot cakes, with a third printing recently selling out, and our forums have been buzzing with discussions about the first brand-new Genesis game built from scratch in over a decade (and hopefully the first of many more). WaterMelon went all out with the packaging, and guess what?It included one hell of a game with all the goodies. This is one for the ages, my friends, so read our full review and be prepared to physically hurt yourself for not having bought this when you had the chance.