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Teasers: Watermelon’s Project Y

After the great success of its Genesis RPG Pier Solar, which is now making the rounds in high definition on modern consoles, Watermelon decided to rock another genre. Scheduled for release (when it’s ready) on the Genesis, the code-named Project Y is set to give the illustrious Streets of Rage a run for its money by offering large amounts of large-sprite characters battling it out onscreen in wondrous detail. Four playable characters (one of whom is unlockable), and some of the best visuals in a Genesis brawler ever are making this new title a worthy follow up to Pier Solar.

Not many details are available, but the story features a city rife with corruption and violence, the perfect formula for a beat-’em-up! The game’s official page sums things up pretty nicely:

Project Y takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, set in an Asian high-tech metropolis. The last survivors of the nuclear war are divided into several classes, where the most powerful have the others by the balls. This has divided the governing bodies into several fractions, where ethnic mafias and a corrupt corporation are just a few of them!

The game reportedly clocks in at a massive 64 megs, and is currently in beta testing. Watermelon has hinted that the game should become available sometime early next year. We can only wait with bated breath, as the company has shown that it can produce an incredible product (and packaging!), so we fully expect Project Y to be well worth the wait.

Sega-16 will be following Project Y every step of the way through release, and you can bet we’re excited about this one! Until more information becomes available, feast on the screen shots below and start saving for that pre-order!


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