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Genesis Reviews

Wrestle War

Wrestling games are a dime a dozen now, but there was a time when Genesis owners had literally none to play. After teasing us with a blurb for Wrestle War in two of its pack-in posters, Sega decided against releasing the game in America. Maybe the company knew better after all, as we really weren’t missing much. Bland, generic characters and stiff gameplay made it a title to forget, and we could always play Tecmo World Wrestling on the NES. At least that one was good.

Sega 32X Reviews

WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game (32X)

As creative and over-the-top as professional wrestling can be, you’d think game developers would be hard pressed to find a way to make a game that’s even more ridiculous. Midway managed to do just that with Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game, which exploded into arcades and later a ton of home consoles. The 32X version is quite good, and those looking for some simple, arcadey fun should definitely check it out. Read the full review for all the wrasslin’ details.

Sega 32X Reviews

WWF Raw (32X)

We here at Sega-16 are hoping everyone had a happy holidays, and we’ve put down the egg nog long enough to update one last time this week with a review of WWF Raw for the 32X. Is it better than the cartridge version? Could it be the best wrestling game on the Genesis? Do you really think any Acclaim wrestling game is good? We’ve some insight on the first two questions in our full review. As for the third… well, we won’t belabor the obvious.