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Genesis Reviews

Double Dribble: The Playoff Edition

Double Dribble on the NES is considered a classic by many, but somehow none of what made that version so special found its way into the Genesis sequel. Brain-dead team AI makes the single-player experience entirely avoidable, and while the eight-player mode may be fun for a while, it can’t save the overall package.

Genesis Reviews

PGA European Tour

On the Genesis, Electronic Arts developed a reputation for solid golf titles that largely endures to this day. The PGA series has long been its signature series, and the variety within the franchise, while not major, was enough to give golf fans more than a steady diet of titles to enjoy. PGA European Tour continued that trend.

Sega CD Reviews

Iron Helix

Looking for a puzzle-solving, sci-fi thriller for your Sega CD? Iron Helix may be your game. Combining the interface of a graphic adventure with full-motion video cut scenes and puzzle elements, the game offers an experience uncommon on the platform. It may not be as deep as later titles, such as “D” and “Enemy Zero,” but it’s definitely worth playing.

Genesis Reviews


Are you really excited for the 2014 World Cup? Well, the action doesn’t end when the last game is over! Why not check out Marko’s Magic Football, a decent little platformer by Domark. Who doesn’t want to use a magic soccer ball to kill bad guys? And you get to recycle, too! What more could you ask for? Turn off ESPN and play some Genesis!