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Behind the Design: Phantasy Star II

Mere months after the Genesis launched, Sega unleashed the largest console RPG ever made. Phantasy Star II was beautiful, exciting, and brutally difficult. Still fans, dove in headfirst and explored the Algol Star System in an adventure that lives on to this day. Join us as we go behind the scenes and take a look at the development of this beloved 16-bit classic.


Behind the Design: Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse

Early in the 16-bit era, Sega and Disney teamed up to produce one of the best platformers on the Genesis. They created a game that represented an early example of the power of Sega’s new hardware and that is still beloved to this day. Sega-16 delves into the making of Castle of Illusion to see how this classic came to life and how it helped define a new generation of platformers.


Behind the Design: The Revenge of Shinobi

Virtually every Genesis owner owns or has at least played The Revenge of Shinobi. Hailed as a 16-bit classic, it was one of the early titles that showed off what the console was capable of, and it cemented the Shinobi series as a major Sega franchise. Sega-16 takes a comprehensive look at how it was made, with insight from several members of the development team.