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Master System Reviews

Fire & Ice

Platformers were all the rage during the early ’90s, and in some places, the Master System was still getting new releases. Tec Toy’s version of Fire & Ice tried to give the machine some new blood, but it the gameplay left more people cold than hot. Still, it’s not a bad game and one worth checking out if you’re a fan of Master System imports.

Genesis Reviews

Nightmare Circus

Completed but pulled from western release schedules at the eleventh hour, Nightmare Circus managed to make it to store shelves in South America thanks to Tec Toy. Given just how bad the game is, it’s no wonder that it was canned. Shoddy controls, poor hit detection, and an overall lack of action make this one game that would have been better off stillborn.

Features, Sega Gear

Sega Gear: TecToy MD Play

2009 has been a great year for Genesis hardware. No fewer than three different machines were released during the past twelve months, and most of them are portable. We’ve already covered the Genesis Portable system, but did you know an SD card-compatible version with six buttons was released in Brazil? Well, there was, and it’s called the MD Play. Released by none other than TecToy, it has some interesting features the American and European versions lack.