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Master System Reviews

Strider (Master System)

So much was lost in the Master System port of Strider that fans of the game should avoid it entirely. Dull and sluggish gameplay combine with horrible presentation to create one of the worst arcade conversions on the console. Stick with the Genesis port if you want to beat the Master, but if you must go 8-bit, grab the excellent NES game instead.

Game Gear Reviews

Star Wars

The Star Wars saga explodes onto the Game Gear! Combining platforming action with vehicle stages, the game offers a decent reproduction of the movie. It’s not a perfect game, but the good seems to outweigh the bad, making it a decent addition to any Game Gear owner’s library.

Genesis Reviews

World Class Leaderboard Golf

The Genesis isn’t wanting for golf games, and there are enough around for the average fan to find one that suits a personal preference. U.S. Gold’s World Class Leaderboard Golf is a decent entry into the genre, but it lacks the presentation that could have put it in the upper tier of console golf games. Still if you’re a fan, it’s worth some playtime.